Sexy Servant

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Well this story happened when I was in Bangalore, last year. I am a bachelor and was staying alone. A woman of about 30 used to do the cleaning and cooking. She was not very attractive, but since I was alone, I used to fantasize about her. I decided to try my luck one day. When the house owners were away, I asked her to come and clean the room. She came in. I had on a thin tracksuit pygama and no shirt. She came in and started to sweep the floor. I noticed her young body and started to get a huge erection. I moved in close and pretended to be directing her on where to sweep. “There, under the bed” – I said and she turned around and faced me -“ But I have not swept there “, she began and then noticed my erection sticking through the pygamas.

To my surprise, she just smiled and continued her sweeping. I got bolder. I lightly brushed my hand against her buttocks. She continued sweeping. I went to the door, bolted it and came to her. I boldly put my hands on her buttocks and squeezed. She stood straight. My erection was sticking awkwardly through the fabric. I suddenly hugged her. She responded with a warmth that surprised me. I took her hand and kept it on my penis. She stroked it and clung to me. In no time we were on the bed and fumbling with each other’s clothes. I was naked and so was she. I kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She moaned and opened her legs. I put on a condom and fell on top of her. It just slid in – she was so wet. Once inside, it seemed like heaven – the gentle sliding and the movement of her body. She kept calling my name and moaning – I was pumping in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly I could control no longer. I pinned her to the bed and started pumping like mad. She was also heaving her body up and down, I suddenly ejaculated and she held me in a wild embrace. I had climaxed far ahead of her – but she was understanding, this being our first time. She hurriedly got dressed and left without a sound.

That evening and night, I was scared would she tell some one? I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I was very nervous what would happen? I waited with bated breath. Around 10 AM, the bell rang and I opened it. There she was smiling. I pulled her in. She came to me easily. I pulled her close – I felt a pleasant warmth . She smiled mischievously. ”What did you do yesterday?” Naughty fellow”. She then kissed my face. I liked her spirit. I held her close and ran my hands up her back. I slid my hand in. She looked deep into my eyes. I closed my lips on her mouth. Out tongues played with each other. I undid her blouse hooks. She did not wear a bra and her dark boobs fell out . The nipples were hard. I began to suck them. She whimpered and sat down on the bed. I fell on top of her and put my hands inside her sari and up her thighs . Her flesh was slightly shivering. I reached her vagina and caressed her gently. She opened her legs and I slid my finger inside – she was wet.

We looked at each other hungrily. I lifted her sari and exposed her. She tried to cover herself. I threw off my dhoti and stood up before her – 8 inches of hard flesh throbbing for attention. She was lying on the bed and I knelt beside her and moved my cock before her face. She had no option and I rubbed it on her face. She opened her mouth and I slid my cock inside . She moved her lips along the shaft and started to suck – it was like heaven. I started to moan and she started to suck harder. I pulled my cock out and kissed her belly. I moved my lips down and she was calling my name out loud. I could wait no longer. I hurriedly put on a condom and knelt between her thighs. She took hold of my cock and pulled me down. I slid in slowly and her pussy seemed so hot. She held me close and I moved all the way inside – she clung o me . I started to move back and she raised her hips as if she did not wan t to leave me – I started moving in and out of her and she whimpered”” APPPPAAAAA”. I looked at her jumping breasts and got more excited I started pumping faster. She was moaning louder and I could control it no longer. I ejaculated in spurts, grinding her to the bed. I was done and lay down beside her, somewhat ashamed. She smiled at me. She then reached out and held my limp member. She got up and got dressed. She did her chores and I just lay and watched her. “Maybe tomorrow,” I thought I will truly satisfy her if any female like pl reply on . I’m from Mumbai.


Fucking Maid Servant

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I am sending my story of encounter had with our servant Sai, when I was studying graduation. She is 36-40-36 of size and 23 years. She is fair in color and little bit stout. She is a mother of one female child of 1 year. At the beginning, I have no idea of fucking her. It was happened when my parents went out of town. It is unintentional and surprise. The story is mentioned hereunder and it is a real one. One day my parents went out of town and I was only one person in the house. Since I have to attend an examination at my college, I did not go along with my parents. Usually I did not go along with my parents sometimes. After taking bath, I am studying in the hall. Our maid servant Sai, after washing the utensils, is cleaning the house. Suddenly one thought came into my mind that if I try to fuck her, how it will be? So, I closed the main door of our house and went to kitchen, where Sai is cleaning.

Slowly I went back to her and pressed her boobs with my both hands. Immediately, she moved other side and asked me to go away from there. But I did not listen her words, and requested her to allow me to fuck her once. She did not allow me and asked me to move from there. But I did not listen and moved to her and hugged her. I am slowly pressing her boobs with my hands. She is trying to remove my hands hardly from her boobs. With my activities of pressing her boobs and pussy, she is aroused and her resistance is come down. She is hot and closed her eyes and enjoying my works. Due to my pressure and request, she agreed to fuck her once. I removed her saree, blouse, and bra and now she is nude in front of me. Small hairs are covered her medium size pussy and it is pink in color and her clitoris of the pussy is red brown. I laid down her on the floor and she removed my lungi. She took my erected dick into her love hole and pressed my back to completely insert my cock into her deep pussy. I slowly moved in and out of her pussy. With my hard pushes, my dick is completely disappeared into her pussy hole.

She is moaning “Sir haaaa ufffffff baga dengandi (fuck me hardly) mee sulli bhalega undi (your cock is very nice) inka baga lopaliki thoyandi (put your dick completely into my pussy hole) gattiga upandi (fuck me vigorously) naaku emo ipothundi (something is happening to me) swargamlo unnatlundi (I am in heaven) naaku kaaripothundi (I am nearing to orgasm) alaage dengandi (fuck me like that) maa ayana baaga dengatamledu, sulli kuda methaga untundi, naa puku loki thondara podu, baaga try chestene modda lestundi, rendu mudu nimishalake kaaripothundi (my hubby is not fucking to my satisfaction, his cock is not becoming like yours, so it is not going inside of my pussy, it will take long time to become stiff and to enter into my hungry pussy, he ejaculates very quickly}. With her sexy words, I am too much aroused and fucking her very hardly and vigorously. She came and her love juice is overflowing from her pussy and my dick is drenched completely with her juice. After my vigorous fucking of 10 minutes, I also ejaculated and poured my cock juice into her love hole. We were hugged and laid another 15 minutes and later we dressed up. After cleaning, she went away.

In the afternoon, she came early and I asked her to give me a chance to fuck her. First, she refused and later agreed to fuck her. We had a good fuck in the afternoon, since nobody is there to disturb our course of action. I fucked her thrice at that time twice I and once she. Henceforth, she is addicted to my long cock and became my slave to get my fucking whenever time permits us. I made her to involve in the habit of licking and sucking of my dick, which she never know that sucking of cock. Every time she gives me blow jobs and enjoys with me in good fucking. We enjoyed in fucking for one and half year and later, she moved to another place along with her hubby. I fucked her nearly 30 times in different poses. I hope all the readers enjoy the encounter and any beautiful aunts, girls, servants who wants my best thrusts call me on my ID

This is Rajesh from Hyderabad. I am narrating my encounter I had with my neighbor Aunt, who was my sex partner earlier, which was already sent to KE for publication. After fucking my beautiful aunt, I fucked her maidservant Latha. This is happened recently on June 20, 2007. The fucking session is arranged by my aunt only. The encounter starts like this. In the afternoon, I returned to my house from my office, since I am not having any work in the Office. While I am reaching my house, I noticed that my beautiful neighbor aunt is stood at their doorstep. I gave a smile to aunt and she asked me to come inside of her house. I went there and sat in the sofa. Nobody is there in the house. She, with a naughty smile, asked me to come to her bedroom. I know her intention that she wants a fuck from me right now. She is a very starved sexy woman. As I entered into her bedroom, she locked the main door and moved along with me. After entering into her bedroom, she caught my hands and placed it on her big boobs and pressing them by placing her hands on my hands. I pressed her boobs and buts vigorously. I also pressed her hot pussy on her saree only. Now she is very hot and her eyes are looks like very much in drunken status.

I slowly removed her saree, blouse and she is with her petticoat and bra. I also removed those and now she is in nude before me. This is the second time I am watching this beauty in nude. She took active part, removed my dress, and made me nude in front of her. Both are hugged, kissed, and swallowed saliva of each other. After kissing and pressing each other parts, I made her lie on her marital bed. She parted her legs widely and invited me to ride her. I moved on her and kissed her boobs and all parts of her body. I moved down, parted her legs and pussy lips, licked, and sucked it vigorously. She is moaning like anything and asked me to come on her completely and put my long dick into her pussy and fuck her. I moved on her and she caught my hot and long dick with her right hand and put it into her hot pussy, by widening her pussy lips with left hand. I moved in and out of her pussy. She is moaning and whispering “Raj ahhhhhh you are fucking me very nicely and my pussy always wants your long dick and its hard pushes. Your dick is ramming the inner sidewalls of my pussy. I am feeling very happy with your fucking. I definitely say that even my hubby does not fuck like this. I am feeling very much orgasm in your fucking.

Your dick is very nice and pumping in my pussy very lust. It seems my pussy is addicted to your dick and its thrusts. It needs your hard strokes and the love juice of your dick. My pussy wants your cock juice always. Hhhaaaaaaa Raj, fuck me like that and give me your vigorous thrusts I am cuming”. Her pussy walls are tightly caught my dick which is inside of it and squeezing my dick vigorously to get milk from it. She is reaching her orgasm and moaning “Rajesh I am cuming what an orgasm I am felling”. She cummed and my dick is drenched fully inside of her pussy. After my movements in her hot and wet pussy for another 10 minutes, I also ejaculated and poured my cock milk into her love pussy tunnel. We both are exhausted and laid on the bed in nude only to take rest. After 10 of our rest, she moved closely to me and gave me hard kisses. She told me that she is very much satisfied with my fucking. She told me with shy, that her long-standing desire is to watch an intercourse. She never get that chance of watching fucking when a male and woman are in intercourse. It is general that women like to watch intercourse better than participating in it. It is woman psychology. I gave a smile and asked her how it is possible.

I was wondered and shocked on hearing her words. She told me that it is extremely possible to watch a live sex, if I fuck her daughter virgin Jhansi or her maidservant Latha aged about 18 years. She confirmed that she had already seduced her daughter to go for intercourse with me. I did not believe that this matured woman seduced her daughter to take fuck from a man that too from me, with whom she had sexual contacts. It took 5 minutes for me to come to normal stage. I convinced aunt that intercourse with her daughter is wrong and against the society, and I can consider fucking her maidservant Latha. Aunt is very happy and making a way to fulfill her desire of watching live sex. She asked me to want for 15 minutes, by that time Latha will come to her house for cleaning. We were chitchatting for 15 minutes. After that, Latha came to her house and moved inside of kitchen. Then I observed her closely. She is medium in color, 5.4’ height with 30-26-34 size. She is a very nice girl and I am ready to take part in fulfilling my aunt’s desire. Aunt also moved to kitchen and she is talking with Latha. After 10 minutes, they moved to aunt’s bedroom. Aunt is putting on TV and video. Now a bf is playing on it (that CD is given by me to aunt since she is interested to watch it). They are watching the bf in which a matured male is fucking a girl of Latha’s age.

On watching the movie, both are hot and aunt is pressing Latha’s boobs slowly and later vigorously. By this time, Latha is also very hot and murmuring/moaning “Madam, what is happening to me I do not this before I want some more thing that I do not know”. Then, aunt told Latha that now you want a fuck with a cock. Then only your pussy is happy and this movement is suppressed. Immediately aunt called me inside of her bedroom. I went inside of the room and stood at bedside, on which just now I fucked aunt. Aunt asked me to fuck Latha and satisfy her. She also told me that this is her first intercourse and I have to move slowly. Aunt left from that room, leaving both of us. I closed the doors of the bedroom and moved towards Latha, who is shivering with sex. I know that aunt is already made arrangement to watch our intercourse through the half-closed window doors. I moved towards Latha and slowly removed her langa and jacket. Now she is with her black bra and white underwear. I touched her pussy on her underwear. It is slightly wet because of her sexual feelings and watching the bf on TV. She is resisting me when I am going to remove her bra. But I forcibly removed her bra and underwear. What a very good sight it is she is completely nude in front of me her boobs are moving up and down with her feelings her buts are very nice her pussy is in V shape covering with small hairs.

I also removed my dress and stood nude before her. She is watching me and my long cock, which is now in 90o, with shy and shock. Now I took her hand and placed it on my long dick. She resisted me to do that but I did it very forcibly. Now she is little bit okay and pressing my dick slowly. I trained her to move her hand on my dick and giving me hand pump. She is well trained and giving me very good hand blow. While Latha is doing the oral sex, I am pressing her boobs and kissing her lips and throwing my tongue hardly into her mouth. I am licking and sucking her lips and swallowing her saliva. She is also doing the same to me with great ecstasy. I am pressing her pussy and parted her pussy lips with my right hand and inserted my finger into her love tunnel. It is very small and not allowed my finger to go inside. I pressed clitoris for 10 minutes. Then I made her lye down on the aunt’s marital bed. I kissed her pussy by parting her legs widely. She is moaning “Sir emi chestunnaru (what are you doing) naaku baga undi (I am felling very happy) inka cheekandi (lick and suck more) meeru bhale ga chestunnaru (you are doing very nice) meeru naa puku naakuthu, chethulatho naa chanulu pisakandi (while sucking my pussy, press my boobs with your hands) inka inka cheekandi (give me more tongue fucking) naaku emo ipothundi (I do not know what is happening to me) inka edo kaavalanipistundi (I want more other than this and anything)”. I moved towards her face and put my cock into her open mouth. She refused to suck it but I asked her this is the right way of intercourse and everybody will do this. Then she took my dick with her hand and placed in her mouth and licking and sucking it. After 5 minutes, she is well trained and sucking my dick very nicely and giving me mouth fucking.

After mouth fucking for 15 minutes, I asked her to part her legs widely as possible. She did like that and I am watching her lovely pussy, which is now widened to take my dick into her. But she is virgin and I have to fight with her pussy to allow my dick to go inside of her tunnel. I put my dick into the widened pussy and giving small strokes. She is crying with pain and asking me to remove my dick from her pussy. But I am not listening her crying, and increased my movement into her pussy. After fighting with her pussy for 15 minutes, my dick is slowly entered into her pussy inch by inch. She is increasing her moaning and asking me to get up as she is feeling pain in her pussy. My dick is fully buried into her love hole. My long cock deflowered her hymen. I thank the God to give me the opportunity of deflowering one more pussy in my account. Now she is enjoying with my hard strokes and pressing me keeping her hands on my back. She clutched my legs by her legs. We both are enjoying in this fucking. She is co-operating me in fucking her pussy. She is moaning “Sir put your cock deeply inside of my pussy and give me its hard strokes now I am enjoying very well in your fucking you are giving me very happy and never forget this movement my pussy always wants your cock inside it and hard thrusts of your dick please fuck me hardly and vigorously”.

After 10 minutes of my fucking, she told me that she is cumingggggggg. She reached her orgasm and her juice is overflowing from her hot pussy and drenched my long dick, which is moving inside of her pussy hole. In another 10 minutes, I also ejaculated and poured my cock juice into her love tunnel. Then we laid on the bed side by side with hugging. I observed that aunt is watching our live sex and masturbating. Later Latha and me went to attached bathroom and cleaned our organs and moved to the bed. Again we had intercourse and now Latha is also addicted to my long cock and giving me her blowjobs and fondling my dick vigorously. In another 30 minutes of our fucking session, we both got up from the bed and dressed. I open the bedroom doors and aunt immediately came inside. She is very hot by watching our live sex and released my dick from my pant and giving me mouth fucking vigorously. Latha is also became hot, moved towards my cock, and took it from aunt’s mouth and giving me her blowjobs. Since I ejaculated right now and for 3 times (one with aunt and two with Latha), it took 45 minutes to reach my orgasm. I ejaculated and poured my juice into both their mouths and they cleaned my dick with their tongues. Aunt and Latha requested me to fuck them again when time permits. They repeated that they want my dick always in their love tunnels. I left aunt’s house by giving a good smile to both of them. Like this, I fulfilled the aunt’s over whelming desire of watching live sex. I hope all the KE readers enjoyed with my encounter and forcing you all to do masturbating. Ahhhhhhh do not bother I pray the God to give a chance like this to you all with your lovely aunts and beautiful servants. I also fucked aunt’s daughter Jhansi, a virgin girl, as aunt insisted me to fuck her for watching another live sex. I will send this in due course, with the permission of my aunt. Until then, I take rest. I hope all the readers of ISS are enjoyed well with my encounter and they are going to send me their comments as early as possible to my email ID at the earliest.

Teacher in Hyderabad

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Hello friends, I am Naveen, 22 years old from Hyderabad. Let me tell u about my incident in my study days. I will not call this a relation but it just happened when I was 15 years old and studying for my S.S.C. I lived in Hyderabad and our family was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing those time. Even the movies with a little exposing scenes my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex. Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act. At that time my class teacher was the wife of my father’s close friend in the office and they used to stay with in a km of our house. Our family was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her late 30’s or early 40’s and was not that sexy but an attractive lady. She had curly hairs, tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape and medium complexion. She had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face in the class and get lost in her. She was well mannered and good in teaching and all students listened to her in the class.

Since I was finding science a little difficult she told my mother she will help me with it and I used to go to her house for clearing my doubts. It went on for sometime and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her closer. Some times other students also used to come to her house for tuition and we used to have joined classes also. But most of the time she took classes for me alone since I was not going for regular tuition and only for some lessons where I had doubt. She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a child I felt. She used to give me snacks tea and all and we became closer than before. On a couple of occasion when I was alone with her in the house I saw her without saree, but with only blouse and petty coat and she was least hesitant to come near me like that. She used to come near me and lean forward with her elbow on the table to explain me and I got a glimpse of her cleavage. I only glanced on a couple of occasion thinking that what she will think if she notices but I could not resist doing so in between. Also when she was in petty coat while coming bath I could see the shadow of her legs through it and her back was very sensual with a small hip but well shaped. Sometimes she used to give some work and she will go for bath telling me to finish the exercise and after wards she will come and check it after she finishes the bath.

But this I noticed she did only when I was alone with her and she never did when other students are with her. At that time she will be properly dressed also. Then sexual thoughts started coming to my mind about her and one day I masturbated fantasizing her I got a unique pleasure at that time other than the normal days when I used to masturbate thinking of some other ladies in our neighborhood. But I was too scared to do anything further. Then one day she caught me glancing at her cleavage when we were alone while explaining me a lesson and she reacted to it sharply by covering it quickly and I felt very embarrassed and afraid. If my mother come to know about it I could not think what will happen and I really sweated. She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because it was me she was behaving so close and casual with me thinking I was a good mannered boy. And she is teaching me thinking I am serious about my studies and if I am not interested it studies and if my attention is going somewhere else she need not put those efforts. I really felt guilty, ashamed and bad. I told her sorry and apologized to her and requested her not to tell my mother and was really frightened. I could not concentrate on anything else and I told her to leave me early that day since I am upset and she did so without telling me anything further.

That night I could not sleep thinking how to face her again and next day I did not go telling I am not well. After two days she came to my house and I was too afraid an embarrassed to face her. But she behaved normally as if nothing happened and told me to come that afternoon and I agreed. I told I was not well for two days for which she smiled at me the meaning I and she only knew. I now was sure she will not tell my mom about it but she casually told my mother I have to improve my concentration in studies and smiled at me. I became nervous at that time but nothing more she told at that time. I went to her house that afternoon and she was alone. She taught me as if nothing happened and it went on for few days. I avoided looking at her except her face and that also only when required. Then our festival holidays started and she came one day to our house and asked my parents if I can stay for two nights in her house since her husband is going out of station for some work and her children had gone to her sisters place for holidays. Her husband had also mentioned this to my father and my parents were only too happy because she can help me with the studies. I was shocked a little how she can do such a thing but I now became clear she is not angry with me nor she does not have any mistrust on me.

I went to her house that night and it was raining heavily. She started teaching me and we took dinner and she started teaching me again. It was around 10pm we almost finished our study and she told me she want to talk to me for a while and she asked why I was glancing at her like that? I was taken aback and I did not reply she came near to me held my hand and told not to worry and she will not tell anyone and neither she had not told anyone about that incident. But I was nervous which she noticed, she put off the light in that room and came and sat near me holding my hand. She asked whether I was attracted sexually to her or just looked like that. Whether I read any sex book? Whether I had seen any lady naked? I really sweated and was speechless. She told it is normal to have such feelings and I don’t have to worry but I should not lose interest in studies with such thoughts. And I should masturbate and relieve myself. She asked whether I masturbate and I told yes with much hesitation. She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls do it which was a information for me. Then she asked the most embarrassing question to me that whether I think of her and masturbate?? I was shell shocked and told her no. But she raised my chin with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don’t worry about it but she want a honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded again and again when I told yes I do. She gave a naughty smile and she asked what situation I fantasize? I just kept quiet I was too afraid what is happening but at the same time I felt the erection.

She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She did not put on the light. But in the adjoined room the light was there and I could see her clearly even though like a shadow. She told me whether I want to see her breast, this time I could not believe it. She did not wait for my answer, she removed her saree and unhooked her blouse and held me close to her. I told no by reflex action. But she told why I don’t want to see it? She told it is ok and only we both will know this. I got aroused and up till now I was craving to see a lady naked. She kept my hand on her breast and told me to feel it if I want. She unhooked her bra also and stood with a naughty smile. Then suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it and then she felt at my trousers and she felt my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. She removed my trousers and I just stood there shocked. She embraced me tightly pressing my erection on to her belly and in one action she removed her blouse, bra and petty coat. She was not wearing any panty and both of us was fully naked in the dark and she embraced me kissing and sucking my lips.

She asked me if I have any objection and I told no and I responded by holding her tight to me and moving my hand on her back and buttocks. For a moment I could not believe what was happening but suddenly I kissed her pressing my erection on her belly. I did not know what to do? But I was squeezing her belly, back, buttocks, thighs and where ever I can. She took my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it and lick on the nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina, it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis. Suddenly she kneeled down and took my penis and started sucking it hard. I could not believe this and such things are done in sexual act. She was doing it so fast and hard holding me close to her mouth with one hand, I could not control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of a sudden, she sucked hard and hard catching with one of her hand and stroking it, I mourned loudly and every drop she took in her mouth. She went on sucking and I panted and pushed her mouth out since I did not have any stamina to withstand. I felt too shy to look at her. She took me to the bed and told me to lie down and we lied down for half and hour talking. She showed me some English sex book with photo illustrations and I could not believe such poses are done for sexual act. She again started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. She asked me whether I want to see her in the light. I told yes. She then asked me how long it take me to masturbate and I told less than 5mts.

Then she explained me how to do intercourse and how to satisfy women and I should try to hold more time without ejaculation to satisfy the women and all. I was surprised with all those information. She told me to fondle and caress the women a lot and do a lot of oral sex to arouse her and I was really amazed with all these. She then put on the dim light and told me to explore the body and we slowly slipped into love making under her guidance. I was thrilled and got my erection again she taught me how to guide it to the vagina, initially I had some trouble when my skin on the tip of my penis stretched and pained a little. She encouraged me and I got slowly wild and fast. I was kissing and sucking her lips, breast, caressing all over her body and the sight of her naked body made me mad I would say. Suddenly to my dismay she told she would now come on top, a total surprise for me. She came on top slowly inserted my erection into her hot and slippery vagina and started pumping sucking my lips and licking my face and told me to caress her buttocks and thighs and also to suck her breast. She went faster and faster and went on pumping so hard and talking all erotic stuff and finally fell down panting on my chest. It was really an experience and in the mean time I had ejaculated a second time.

We lied down there for sometime in each others embrace and then she took me to the bath room and cleaned me with dettoll and soap and told even if I get some itching don’t worry but tell her, for the first time perhaps it may happen.

We had sex again in the morning and the subsequent night. Next day she told me not to go to any other lady for sex and don’t get too much distracted because of this. When ever possible she will allow to do it with her. She made me promise not to go to any ladies nor tell anyone about it. She told lot of teenagers get distracted from studies because of curiosity for sex and since now I have experienced it I should not get into bad company or something. She told me to masturbate but not too much also and when ever I get too much urge tell her and she will try to have sex with her. But it did happen only once again and we never had a real opportunity again except to do oral sex, kiss and caress passionately on a few occasions. But I could never forget that experience in my life and still linger that in my mind. The first oral sex and my ejaculation in her mouth I remember even now sometimes and masturbate, even after my marriage. My wife never was able to give oral sex with such passion.

She had confessed to me, ten years later once we met alone in her house, she all of a sudden felt a lust for me after she noticed I was looking at her cleavage and she is not a bad character or sex maniac. She never had any feelings for me nor for any young boys till then and looked at me as her son only. It was only a spur of the moment action and she could not explain how this idea went into her. She apologized to me if it had hurt me but I told her that she was my perfect teacher and what she taught on that night was very useful for me to get out of my sexual desires and fantasies and I never felt the need to explore any other women, the thing I should have done if she had not done it. I know some of my friends who got into trouble experimenting with the maid servants and relatives. Since she was matured and she guided me to sex with such a perfection and without ill effects. I told I never had sex with any one else after that but I told I had fantasized her and masturbated a lot after that and it used to give me a unique pleasure. I told her I still fantasize her and masturbate. She told even though she talked harsh to me when she found I was looking at her cleavage she felt sorry for me afterwards since she knew I am a good mannered boy and slowly she felt like helping me in sex. She felt like feeling my curiosity and nervousness for sex and exploring her body and that is how it happened and once when she fantasized me while having sex with her husband she felt nice and this idea got into her.

She told she was wrong in doing so and had regretted a lot and had felt guilty for long thinking that it had hurt my feelings and I was forced to do it but I told I only enjoyed it and it only helped me and please do not have any guilty feelings. Telling this I just took her in my arms and kissed her so passionately which she never expected and I told to remove all of her guilty feelings for the last time we will have sex once again. She resisted it initially but I persuaded and I had a passionate sex with her after closing the doors and windows. It was afternoon, she was a little hesitant anyone will drop in by chance. But I was so passionate for her, we both became fully naked and had sex so violently and passionately. I t lasted for half an hour. I made her come on my top and she climaxed first and then I gave my penis in her mouth for oral sex and I climaxed ejaculating in her mouth by gyrating my hips violently and squeezing her breast so hard. I then told her we will not repeat it again. Now I meet her sometimes and she greets me with a naughty smile. And now I became very naughty and had a lot of experience and knowledge about sex. Dear sisters and aunties, if u r interested to have sex with me, u can mail me, and I hope that u had enjoyed my story, for any suggestions u can mail me, my mail id is Bye for now.

Maid and her daughter.

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Hi iss fans n readers. This is Uday from Vizag was doing my 3rd year when the incident took place. My parents got transferred to other place so they have to move leaving me in our own house along with Rajamma, our maid who used to work in house since a long time. Rajamma is a old lady of 58 years of age. She had a daughter named Latha who is a divorcee with a son; he just finished his intermediate and entered into graduation. Latha used to work in small school with a little salary. Latha’s salary is sufficient for her son’s college fees itself and she cannot afford for other expenses like books and exam fees etc. Latha used to live with Rajamma. Rajamma often comes to me and asks for a little amount of money which she will return me later. Rajamma one day came to me and asked me for a big amount for her grandson’s exam fees. I asked Rajamma that it is a big amount for her and how can she pay me back. She had no answer and left the place. Next day Latha came to me and asked the same thing, I said that her salary is sufficient only for her son’s college fees then how she and her mother will return me the money. Latha said that she will do service for me in return to this favor. I said Rajamma is there to serve me in house and what is need of u. Latha said my mother cannot serve u in all aspects at an age of 58. I dint understand her intension and said she is serving me well and in what aspect u r saying that she serve me well.

She replied sex, saying this she removed her saree pallu from her shoulder and revealed those beautiful melons. I was shocked seeing this. I asked her that what happens if her mother comes to know this. Lath replied that nothing is going to happen don’t waste the opportunity. But I was afraid if Rajamma comes to know this she would complain to my parents and them r going to kill me. I said this to Latha and she said this is her mothers plan. I was shocked listening this. Rajamma came into the room from back of the door. She was hiding there and listening to our words. She smiled at me and said come on Uday I won’t tell to any one and carry on I will join u both after completing my house work. Now Latha came near me and pressed my head hard to her breast. It smelled great with a mixed aroma of sweat and female essence. Now I was irresistible and took her to the bed room and made her to lie on the bed. I removed her saree and playing with her huge balls leaving blouse on like a kid. While I was playing her blouse tore a little she said don’t tear it Uday I have only few blouse with me. I said don’t worry take my mothers blouse and tore the blouse completely. I removed her bra and saw the size label on it, it was 36c. Latha unzipped my pants and removed. I climbed on Latha’s stomach and was licking her balls like ice-cream played with those hills for about 10 minutes. Latha said come on Uday go further, and taste my nectar.

I understood and removed her langa now she was with her black panty. I made her to raise her hip and removed her panty also. What a dark forest it was hard to find a hole in that bush. I dint like that site and went to bath robe and came back with my shaving kit I applied shaving foam and shaved cleanly. She was laughing with tickling sensation. Now that was a great site without a hair. She had a great pussy lips. I kissed them and licking with ecstasy. While licking I felt some thing is stroking my cock, that was Rajamma giving nice strokes. I said Rajamma to make it a lolly pop. She kept her tongue on my dick and a current passed in my body. She sucked it real hard and I was busy with Latha’s pussy. Rajamma left my dick for a while and undid her clothes’ she was awesome even at the age of 58 she asked me Uday why cant u make me also clean Latha.. I dint understand and she said shave my hair. I readily accepted her request and shaved her pussy.

While shaving Latha was licking my dick like a dog. I completed and Latha made me lie on the bed. She climbed over me and directed my hard and completely wet cock into her pussy. She was fucking my cock only to half I made a stroke and made it to go in completely. She screamed with pain and said slowly Uday I’m getting fucked after 7 years. While I was fucking Rajamma is licking balls. Now I made Latha into doggy style and tried to enter her shit hole but it was very tight but I tried very hardly blood come out and I removed my dick. Rajamma said why cant u tries in my hole because my husband likes to fuck my back hole only. I tried on Rajamma wow it went with ease. I fucked her anal hole for ten minutes and came back to Latha’s pussy and fucked real hard and cummed inside her pussy itself. Rajamma liked Latha’s pussy and licked the cum coming out of her pussy. I made an another session and I was all out. I gave the money to Latha. From that day when ever I felt to fuck I used to call to my home. In case she is not there I used to fuck Rajamma. Hope u all readers enjoyed my real story.