About Chintu

Chintu is a young kid of 9 years old. he was born on 30th Feb, 2000. he is a result of Y2K Effect. his father is a Software Engineer and his mother is a supermodel.
Chintu’s Presence of Mind at this age is very NonVeg kind of, he is very sharp minded actually..!, he knows very well, what to answer and when to answer.

Chintu is a student of 6th Class. he use to make fun of every incident at his school, home almost everywhere at every point. At his school, all the teachers use to call him HARAMKHOR BACHA. although Chintu is very good in his study,

Chintu dont have any Friend, coz everyone, even his father always want to get rid of him when he is around. his father thinks that chintu is a Big social embarrassment.

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