Sexy Servant

Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories
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Well this story happened when I was in Bangalore, last year. I am a bachelor and was staying alone. A woman of about 30 used to do the cleaning and cooking. She was not very attractive, but since I was alone, I used to fantasize about her. I decided to try my luck one day. When the house owners were away, I asked her to come and clean the room. She came in. I had on a thin tracksuit pygama and no shirt. She came in and started to sweep the floor. I noticed her young body and started to get a huge erection. I moved in close and pretended to be directing her on where to sweep. “There, under the bed” – I said and she turned around and faced me -“ But I have not swept there “, she began and then noticed my erection sticking through the pygamas.

To my surprise, she just smiled and continued her sweeping. I got bolder. I lightly brushed my hand against her buttocks. She continued sweeping. I went to the door, bolted it and came to her. I boldly put my hands on her buttocks and squeezed. She stood straight. My erection was sticking awkwardly through the fabric. I suddenly hugged her. She responded with a warmth that surprised me. I took her hand and kept it on my penis. She stroked it and clung to me. In no time we were on the bed and fumbling with each other’s clothes. I was naked and so was she. I kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She moaned and opened her legs. I put on a condom and fell on top of her. It just slid in – she was so wet. Once inside, it seemed like heaven – the gentle sliding and the movement of her body. She kept calling my name and moaning – I was pumping in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly I could control no longer. I pinned her to the bed and started pumping like mad. She was also heaving her body up and down, I suddenly ejaculated and she held me in a wild embrace. I had climaxed far ahead of her – but she was understanding, this being our first time. She hurriedly got dressed and left without a sound.

That evening and night, I was scared would she tell some one? I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I was very nervous what would happen? I waited with bated breath. Around 10 AM, the bell rang and I opened it. There she was smiling. I pulled her in. She came to me easily. I pulled her close – I felt a pleasant warmth . She smiled mischievously. ”What did you do yesterday?” Naughty fellow”. She then kissed my face. I liked her spirit. I held her close and ran my hands up her back. I slid my hand in. She looked deep into my eyes. I closed my lips on her mouth. Out tongues played with each other. I undid her blouse hooks. She did not wear a bra and her dark boobs fell out . The nipples were hard. I began to suck them. She whimpered and sat down on the bed. I fell on top of her and put my hands inside her sari and up her thighs . Her flesh was slightly shivering. I reached her vagina and caressed her gently. She opened her legs and I slid my finger inside – she was wet.

We looked at each other hungrily. I lifted her sari and exposed her. She tried to cover herself. I threw off my dhoti and stood up before her – 8 inches of hard flesh throbbing for attention. She was lying on the bed and I knelt beside her and moved my cock before her face. She had no option and I rubbed it on her face. She opened her mouth and I slid my cock inside . She moved her lips along the shaft and started to suck – it was like heaven. I started to moan and she started to suck harder. I pulled my cock out and kissed her belly. I moved my lips down and she was calling my name out loud. I could wait no longer. I hurriedly put on a condom and knelt between her thighs. She took hold of my cock and pulled me down. I slid in slowly and her pussy seemed so hot. She held me close and I moved all the way inside – she clung o me . I started to move back and she raised her hips as if she did not wan t to leave me – I started moving in and out of her and she whimpered”” APPPPAAAAA”. I looked at her jumping breasts and got more excited I started pumping faster. She was moaning louder and I could control it no longer. I ejaculated in spurts, grinding her to the bed. I was done and lay down beside her, somewhat ashamed. She smiled at me. She then reached out and held my limp member. She got up and got dressed. She did her chores and I just lay and watched her. “Maybe tomorrow,” I thought I will truly satisfy her if any female like pl reply on . I’m from Mumbai.


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