Neighbor aunt and her maid servant

Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories
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This is Rajesh from Hyderabad. I am narrating my encounter I had with my neighbor Aunt, who was my sex partner earlier, which was already sent to KE for publication. After fucking my beautiful aunt, I fucked her maidservant Latha. This is happened recently on June 20, 2007. The fucking session is arranged by my aunt only. The encounter starts like this. In the afternoon, I returned to my house from my office, since I am not having any work in the Office. While I am reaching my house, I noticed that my beautiful neighbor aunt is stood at their doorstep. I gave a smile to aunt and she asked me to come inside of her house. I went there and sat in the sofa. Nobody is there in the house. She, with a naughty smile, asked me to come to her bedroom. I know her intention that she wants a fuck from me right now. She is a very starved sexy woman. As I entered into her bedroom, she locked the main door and moved along with me. After entering into her bedroom, she caught my hands and placed it on her big boobs and pressing them by placing her hands on my hands. I pressed her boobs and buts vigorously. I also pressed her hot pussy on her saree only. Now she is very hot and her eyes are looks like very much in drunken status.

I slowly removed her saree, blouse and she is with her petticoat and bra. I also removed those and now she is in nude before me. This is the second time I am watching this beauty in nude. She took active part, removed my dress, and made me nude in front of her. Both are hugged, kissed, and swallowed saliva of each other. After kissing and pressing each other parts, I made her lie on her marital bed. She parted her legs widely and invited me to ride her. I moved on her and kissed her boobs and all parts of her body. I moved down, parted her legs and pussy lips, licked, and sucked it vigorously. She is moaning like anything and asked me to come on her completely and put my long dick into her pussy and fuck her. I moved on her and she caught my hot and long dick with her right hand and put it into her hot pussy, by widening her pussy lips with left hand. I moved in and out of her pussy. She is moaning and whispering “Raj ahhhhhh you are fucking me very nicely and my pussy always wants your long dick and its hard pushes. Your dick is ramming the inner sidewalls of my pussy. I am feeling very happy with your fucking. I definitely say that even my hubby does not fuck like this. I am feeling very much orgasm in your fucking.

Your dick is very nice and pumping in my pussy very lust. It seems my pussy is addicted to your dick and its thrusts. It needs your hard strokes and the love juice of your dick. My pussy wants your cock juice always. Hhhaaaaaaa Raj, fuck me like that and give me your vigorous thrusts I am cuming”. Her pussy walls are tightly caught my dick which is inside of it and squeezing my dick vigorously to get milk from it. She is reaching her orgasm and moaning “Rajesh I am cuming what an orgasm I am felling”. She cummed and my dick is drenched fully inside of her pussy. After my movements in her hot and wet pussy for another 10 minutes, I also ejaculated and poured my cock milk into her love pussy tunnel. We both are exhausted and laid on the bed in nude only to take rest. After 10 of our rest, she moved closely to me and gave me hard kisses. She told me that she is very much satisfied with my fucking. She told me with shy, that her long-standing desire is to watch an intercourse. She never get that chance of watching fucking when a male and woman are in intercourse. It is general that women like to watch intercourse better than participating in it. It is woman psychology. I gave a smile and asked her how it is possible.

I was wondered and shocked on hearing her words. She told me that it is extremely possible to watch a live sex, if I fuck her daughter virgin Jhansi or her maidservant Latha aged about 18 years. She confirmed that she had already seduced her daughter to go for intercourse with me. I did not believe that this matured woman seduced her daughter to take fuck from a man that too from me, with whom she had sexual contacts. It took 5 minutes for me to come to normal stage. I convinced aunt that intercourse with her daughter is wrong and against the society, and I can consider fucking her maidservant Latha. Aunt is very happy and making a way to fulfill her desire of watching live sex. She asked me to want for 15 minutes, by that time Latha will come to her house for cleaning. We were chitchatting for 15 minutes. After that, Latha came to her house and moved inside of kitchen. Then I observed her closely. She is medium in color, 5.4’ height with 30-26-34 size. She is a very nice girl and I am ready to take part in fulfilling my aunt’s desire. Aunt also moved to kitchen and she is talking with Latha. After 10 minutes, they moved to aunt’s bedroom. Aunt is putting on TV and video. Now a bf is playing on it (that CD is given by me to aunt since she is interested to watch it). They are watching the bf in which a matured male is fucking a girl of Latha’s age.

On watching the movie, both are hot and aunt is pressing Latha’s boobs slowly and later vigorously. By this time, Latha is also very hot and murmuring/moaning “Madam, what is happening to me I do not this before I want some more thing that I do not know”. Then, aunt told Latha that now you want a fuck with a cock. Then only your pussy is happy and this movement is suppressed. Immediately aunt called me inside of her bedroom. I went inside of the room and stood at bedside, on which just now I fucked aunt. Aunt asked me to fuck Latha and satisfy her. She also told me that this is her first intercourse and I have to move slowly. Aunt left from that room, leaving both of us. I closed the doors of the bedroom and moved towards Latha, who is shivering with sex. I know that aunt is already made arrangement to watch our intercourse through the half-closed window doors. I moved towards Latha and slowly removed her langa and jacket. Now she is with her black bra and white underwear. I touched her pussy on her underwear. It is slightly wet because of her sexual feelings and watching the bf on TV. She is resisting me when I am going to remove her bra. But I forcibly removed her bra and underwear. What a very good sight it is she is completely nude in front of me her boobs are moving up and down with her feelings her buts are very nice her pussy is in V shape covering with small hairs.

I also removed my dress and stood nude before her. She is watching me and my long cock, which is now in 90o, with shy and shock. Now I took her hand and placed it on my long dick. She resisted me to do that but I did it very forcibly. Now she is little bit okay and pressing my dick slowly. I trained her to move her hand on my dick and giving me hand pump. She is well trained and giving me very good hand blow. While Latha is doing the oral sex, I am pressing her boobs and kissing her lips and throwing my tongue hardly into her mouth. I am licking and sucking her lips and swallowing her saliva. She is also doing the same to me with great ecstasy. I am pressing her pussy and parted her pussy lips with my right hand and inserted my finger into her love tunnel. It is very small and not allowed my finger to go inside. I pressed clitoris for 10 minutes. Then I made her lye down on the aunt’s marital bed. I kissed her pussy by parting her legs widely. She is moaning “Sir emi chestunnaru (what are you doing) naaku baga undi (I am felling very happy) inka cheekandi (lick and suck more) meeru bhale ga chestunnaru (you are doing very nice) meeru naa puku naakuthu, chethulatho naa chanulu pisakandi (while sucking my pussy, press my boobs with your hands) inka inka cheekandi (give me more tongue fucking) naaku emo ipothundi (I do not know what is happening to me) inka edo kaavalanipistundi (I want more other than this and anything)”. I moved towards her face and put my cock into her open mouth. She refused to suck it but I asked her this is the right way of intercourse and everybody will do this. Then she took my dick with her hand and placed in her mouth and licking and sucking it. After 5 minutes, she is well trained and sucking my dick very nicely and giving me mouth fucking.

After mouth fucking for 15 minutes, I asked her to part her legs widely as possible. She did like that and I am watching her lovely pussy, which is now widened to take my dick into her. But she is virgin and I have to fight with her pussy to allow my dick to go inside of her tunnel. I put my dick into the widened pussy and giving small strokes. She is crying with pain and asking me to remove my dick from her pussy. But I am not listening her crying, and increased my movement into her pussy. After fighting with her pussy for 15 minutes, my dick is slowly entered into her pussy inch by inch. She is increasing her moaning and asking me to get up as she is feeling pain in her pussy. My dick is fully buried into her love hole. My long cock deflowered her hymen. I thank the God to give me the opportunity of deflowering one more pussy in my account. Now she is enjoying with my hard strokes and pressing me keeping her hands on my back. She clutched my legs by her legs. We both are enjoying in this fucking. She is co-operating me in fucking her pussy. She is moaning “Sir put your cock deeply inside of my pussy and give me its hard strokes now I am enjoying very well in your fucking you are giving me very happy and never forget this movement my pussy always wants your cock inside it and hard thrusts of your dick please fuck me hardly and vigorously”.

After 10 minutes of my fucking, she told me that she is cumingggggggg. She reached her orgasm and her juice is overflowing from her hot pussy and drenched my long dick, which is moving inside of her pussy hole. In another 10 minutes, I also ejaculated and poured my cock juice into her love tunnel. Then we laid on the bed side by side with hugging. I observed that aunt is watching our live sex and masturbating. Later Latha and me went to attached bathroom and cleaned our organs and moved to the bed. Again we had intercourse and now Latha is also addicted to my long cock and giving me her blowjobs and fondling my dick vigorously. In another 30 minutes of our fucking session, we both got up from the bed and dressed. I open the bedroom doors and aunt immediately came inside. She is very hot by watching our live sex and released my dick from my pant and giving me mouth fucking vigorously. Latha is also became hot, moved towards my cock, and took it from aunt’s mouth and giving me her blowjobs. Since I ejaculated right now and for 3 times (one with aunt and two with Latha), it took 45 minutes to reach my orgasm. I ejaculated and poured my juice into both their mouths and they cleaned my dick with their tongues. Aunt and Latha requested me to fuck them again when time permits. They repeated that they want my dick always in their love tunnels. I left aunt’s house by giving a good smile to both of them. Like this, I fulfilled the aunt’s over whelming desire of watching live sex. I hope all the KE readers enjoyed with my encounter and forcing you all to do masturbating. Ahhhhhhh do not bother I pray the God to give a chance like this to you all with your lovely aunts and beautiful servants. I also fucked aunt’s daughter Jhansi, a virgin girl, as aunt insisted me to fuck her for watching another live sex. I will send this in due course, with the permission of my aunt. Until then, I take rest. I hope all the readers of ISS are enjoyed well with my encounter and they are going to send me their comments as early as possible to my email ID at the earliest.


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