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Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories
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Hi, this is Tyren I’d like to share my experience with an ex-colleague and friend. This experience must be shared in two parts, since the two of us had sex just twice before I relocated to Delhi, but both times, it was mind-blowing. About three years ago, I’d joined up a new place, and this is where I met Anita. I was introduced to my group by my boss, and as we moved around, we finally came across a cubicle and there was Anita. I was immediately struck by her full smile, nice full lips. She had worn a white salwar kameez, and the pyajama was nice tight. She had crossed her legs, and her kameez slit had exposed her thigh through her pyajama. Since it was tight, I could immediately make out her thighs were nice and full. She smiled back ,and pretty soon we were working together. Over time, I found out that Anita was around 26 years old, married to a boy she’d fallen in love with. As luck would have it, my cube was next to hers, and many a times, I would peer over the common wall separating us to talk to her. Many a times, she wore a sleeveless tee-shirt, and I could see her deep cleavage when I spoke to her. She would catch me staring, then pull the T-shirt up, but by then I would have a hard-on. Things went on like this, and we got closer, what with late working hours together. That day, Anita had, for the first and last time, worn a black shirt, and a skirt. The skirt had a slit right up to her thighs. With the result that whenever she crossed her legs, the slit would expose her naked thighs. The first time I caught a glimpse, I caught my breath. Her thigh was full, fair, and absolutely lickable. She caught me staring once, and tried to cover up, mumbling, Gosh, Tyren , I wish hadn’t worn this skirt. My thighs are so fat. Without thinking, I replied, Not at all. They’re beautiful. She looked at me and smiled in a strange sort of way. Her eyes ran over my crotch. Then, work intruded, and the moment passed. Work was hectic, and that day, both of us were stuck till late night to meet a deadline. There was no else around.

I went up to her seat. She looked up and said, Oh god, my in-laws are gonna get angry yaar. Shit!! When will we finish this fuck-all work? She’d just come back from a smoke, and a nice tobacco aroma hung around her. Don’t worry Anita, I said, it’ll be soon., and I brought her to me. She leaned forward and hugged me, still sitting. Her face was now on my crotch. I could feel her hot breath blowing gently across my thighs. I couldn’t control myself, and I felt my member growing in size. After some time, so did she. She looked up into my eyes. I looked down at her she saw the bulge in my trousers and smiled. I took her face into my hands and pressed it against my erection. She moaned, then broke free. Her hand came up and squeezed my straining hard on. Gosh that’s like a rock, she whispered huskily. I didn’t say a thing, but unzipped my trouser. She leaned forward and kissed my huge erection through my bursting frenchie. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. My hands reached down and squeezed her full breasts through her shirt then, I opened the first button, and saw the straps of her black bra against her lovely shoulders. I slid my hand underneath the bra and cupped her globes. She moaned and pulled down my frenchie.

My penis shot out, throbbing, painful and heavy. “Tyren” oh my god that’s so huge so nice..” She moaned and her tongue shot out and licked the purplish, velvety head. Shivers ran down my spine and I moaned. She opened her mouth and gently slid it forward along the throbbing length of my cock. My penis felt it was going to explode. Her mouth was now sliding up and down my dick, sucking and licking. Attacking my meat with all lust and hunger. Her hand came up and she began stroking my pubic hair. Oohhhh Anita god. She moaned in reply and sucked me harder. I looked down and saw that she had parted her legs and her other hand was inside, rubbing vigorously. The sight of her naked fleshy thighs and she masturbating was enough for me. I felt the pressure in my balls rise and the next moment, I groaned: Anita I’m coming god suck me you bitch. She didn’t stop, and moaned as the first wad of my thick sperm invaded her mouth. I looked down as I felt my orgasm searing through me. Her mouth was sucking my penis still, even as the second and third wave of semen exploded from it. A little bit of my cream trickled down her lips onto the base of my pubic hair. After a while, she stopped sucking, and let go of my semi-erect dick. I looked down. It was glistening with her saliva. You taste good, Tyren she smiled impishly.

Her hand was still inside her skirt, and it was obvious she’ climaxed too. I pulled her up and kissed her full lips. I could taste my own semen and tobacco in her mouth. I put her against the table and sat down. I pulled up her skirt and moaned at the sight of her fleshy, fair thighs. She held the skirt up for me. Her black panty had shifted to one side, and I could see her hairy vaginal lips. I could also see her juice trickling down her inside thigh. I pulled her panty down and began licking her full thighs. She gasped, and moaned. Her thighs tasted of her scent and sweat, and aroused me further. I turned her around and moaned when I saw her beautiful, fleshy buttocks. I bent forward and gently bit into her cheeks, while she gasped with pleasure. My bites became harder and I could my bite marks as I nibbled across the cleft of her bums. I parted her cheeks and licked the crevice. Oh Tyren you bastard you dirty baaaassstaard. She moaned as my tongue found her anus. I licked her anus till her shit hole over flowed with my saliva. God Tyren nobody’s done that to me you dirty pig. Her horny ranting made me horny again, and with my free hand, I began to stroke my semi-erect dick. I turned her around, and she hungrily sat on the table, parted her legs, and moaned, Lick my chut lick my cunt eat me NOW! I stared at her parted legs, her own hungry face contorted with lust, her thick bush of pubic hair and the open vaginal lips with her cream. I dived forward and my lips began chewing her swollen vaginal lips. She gasped and moaned. I licked her lips, then stuck my tongue into her wet hot hole. She moaned and grasped my head with her hands and pushed it into her snatch.

I continued licking, tasting her juices as they flowed out of her, hearing her gasp, moan and curse all along, pumping my cock breathlessly. Then, she whimpered and hissed, Oh shit I’m coming. I’m gonna come oooouch aaahhhh Tyren you aah ffffffffffuckkkkkk her crotch ground into my face even as she lifted her hips off the table. After a while, she let go still breathless, and looked down. She gasped. Tyren ! You’re hard again! I nodded and got up, still stroking my dick. She moaned as the tip of my erection brushed her vaginal opening. I thrust my hips and gasped as my massive erection slid into her slippery hole. She moaned and said, Fuck me ooh fuck me but don’t come inside please. I grunted and began thrusting harder her hips were entwined around me and she thrust back hungrily, as her vaginal muscles squeezed my cock out of its life. Oooooo fuck me Tyren I god. I’m coming. I thrust harder, till she stopped grinding her hips then, pulled out my huge dick and called her name. The next moment I came, my semen spurting across her thighs and pubic hair. She moaned as she saw me come. We both caught our breath before dressing up, then decided to call it a day. Girls from Delhi & Chandigarh, who liked this encounter and would like to have one with me, write to me at:


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