My Hubby’s Driver

Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories
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Hi ISS, I am Ekta from Nasik in Maharashtra. This is my first ever story cum experience to be shared with all of you. I am a married young lady, 27 years old. My husband works with a MNC in Nashik. He is quite busy and often touring. I don’t get the share of sex I love too have, but otherwise he is fantastic in bed. This incident happened with me a month back, it was with our car driver, Shekar. He is a man who is employed with my husband for about 5 years, right even before our marriage. He was the one who drove me home after my marriage. That day as usual my hubby was out of town and shekar was home helping me in cleaning my house. We were doing the kitchen and I was in my house gown as everyday. But today I had removed my bra after a hot session earlier night with Rajesh. So my 38D boobs were dangling free inside and shekar was feasting on my cleavage now and then. He too is married but unluckily has got a wife with a flat chest. So is not interested in having sex with her. He told me this while he was doing the work.

As I was mopping the floor, I suddenly slipped on the floor as it was wet and sprained my ankles. Shekar immediately helped me to my bedroom and started massaging my ankle. My gown had raised right up to my knees so he was feasting on my red panties. Slowly he started massaging my legs as I said it was paining. Slowly his hands were on my thighs and I closed my eyes feeling drowsy. Seeing my eyes closed he took it as a chance and started massaging right till my upper thighs feeling the liner of my panties, I was feeling good and said nothing. This charged him and slowly started rubbing my pussy. I was also feeling horny and spread my legs unknowingly. He then became confident, raised my gown till my shoulders and started sucking my nipples, I alarmingly pushed him, but now as he was hot didn’t listen, and he started sucking on my big boobs and long nipples. Sometimes also bit it. It was pain pleasure. He then removed my gown and panties; I lay naked in front of him. He kept on sucking and squeezing my boobs and fingering my well trimmed pussy. He had now 3 fingers in me and I was dripping juices. He then licked my cunt and clit till I orgasm 3 times. He then removed his clothes and I was shocked to see his 8inch thick dick, my hubby was 6inch only. I was also charged now so started playing with his dick, masturbating him, really hard. Then he forced his dick into my mouth which I happily sucked and drank his pre-cum. He started pumping his dick in my mouth and also was playing with my big boobs; it was his rare chance as his wife had no boobs.

He then widened my legs put it on his shoulders and wildly entered me, though I was wet, I couldn’t take his big tool in one go. He pushed again and it was totally in. Then he was ramming me like a piston for 30 mins. Biting me, licking me, kissing me doing everything he wanted to do to his wife. Wow he was so good and big. After about 30 mins he came loads of cum in me for about 10secs. Then he kissed me and thanked me for satisfying his sex hunger. That day we were naked in house and did in every nook and corner of our home. He is honest enough and never black mailed me about this session. We now regularly have sex when ever my hubby is out. We have enjoyed it in our Honda city car rear seat. Hope this was quite hot, as this is my 1st try in writing I cud have missed something. To make it better, young girls (I am a lesbian also) and boys can chat with me at: I will surely put my lesbian experience in words only after I receive any good friends for chat in yahoo. So add me.


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