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Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories

Om, Goddess of Gateway of Heaven

We salute you, naked lead-woman

Chanted my grandfather. All others followed. And the crane, which led us there, flew up and disappeared.

As grandpa told we plucked flowers and made two garlands. And we all got rid of our cloths and stepped into the sangam (confluence) to take a dip. I didn’t know how others felt, but I was a bit shy to show my properties. I had seen the nakedness of uncle Dev, Rahul, aunt Saroj and Bhavana. But of others, I hadn’t. Grandpa was an old man and his snake was sleeping head down, out of his white bush. Mommy was in good shape: her boobs and bums were the biggest and she had come well prepared, shaving her broad cunt. And it was at my brother’s cock that my eyes settled: it was as long as that of grandpa, but young and shining. I didn’t miss to notice the fire in the eyes of aunt Saroj and Bhavana, staring at his cock, the same way I did.

The water was warm, very warm, and started building up our carnal desires. I wanted to swim across into the arms of my brother, but had to restrain thinking the rituals.

Grandpa ushered us to the top of the rock. Lot of space was there. The statue of the Devi was as large as life. In front of it was an altar as wide a dining table. Grandpa applied sandal paste on my limbs and breasts and cheeks and forehead and garlanded the statue and me. Then he laid me on the altar with my head to the goddess.

And he raised a question, “Who’s right is it to initiate this virgin, among the gents present here?”

“It’s mine,” Rahul claimed, “Because I’m the one going to marry her.”

“But we follow incest;” interrupted my mom, “In that order, her brother Anand is closer than others.”

“In that case, her father is a closer relative than her brother,” uncle Dev opined.

“But her father is a faceless man, my darkroom lover,” my mom laughed. “And who knows who he is and who can fetch him here, now?”

“I can,” replied uncle Dev and raised his right hand. In it was a ring, glittering.

“Ah, my serpent-ring!” shouted my grandpa.

All others marveled and understood what it did mean. For me it was more than a pleasant surprise. A lump I felt at my throat. Mom was in tears and rushed into her brother’s hands, kissing him fervently. “Why didn’t you tell us that it was you, when I narrated my story?” she asked uncle Dev.

“Because I had vowed at the ashram, not to open out the secrets. And now here I break my vow, in front of our goddess, for a suitable cause.”

My grandfather was apprised of the situation and he was extremely happy to know the connections. And I had a feeling of belonging. After all I was neither an outsider, nor a southerner, as I believed all these days.

“Look, Devika darling, you were lamenting of your origin,” aunt Saroj told me, “And now you turned out to be a perfect product of this family. Are you satisfied now?”

“Ham, mousi (yes, aunt).” I wept.

So it was decided that uncle Dev, my real father, to fuck me first. My mom was so happy. She herself opened the bottle and poured honey into my vaginal slot. And she poured some more honey on her right palm and was about to apply it on to Uncle Dev’s erected cock.

“Stop,” roared a female voice as a thunderclap. “I give the right to Anand Vyas the senior. His zeal to have my darshan, I favor.”

It was an oracle.

We all were stunned and frozen in fear. I jumped up; my pussy to sweat in honey.

“But, Mother Goddess, whereby shall I serve this?” Grandpa appealed in a shivering tone. “I’m well stricken in age and it ceased to be with my manhood after the manner of potent men.”

The birds all around stopped their chirping. Even the flowing stream stopped murmuring and was listening.

“Is anything too hard for the Creator Mother?” spoke the thunder. “You shall touch ‘The Heaven’s Gate’ with your withered member and be alive forever.”

That was a divine sanction. I never dreamed one can experience such things in these days.

Grandpa approached the image of the Goddess. We were observing with our breath in grip. Host of butterflies assembled on their wings, behind the Goddess, in to a vibrant backdrop.

He knelt and kissed Her right foot first, vulva next; and stood up against Her front. And then he lifted his limp tool in his shivering hand and to Her granite cunt slot he touched.

Something happened like a lightning flash.

And we saw our grandpa, facing us, as an ageless man with his head, beard and pubic hairs turned black. His cock was standing straight as a wooden log. We marveled at his change. He was speechless, tears pouring down his cheeks. All rushed to him and he embraced them, but I held back out of shyness.

They laid me again on the altar and mom poured more honey into my opening. And then she held her father’s erection with one hand and applied honey on it too with her other hand. Granddad spread my thighs and squatted in between. Mom with her honey-trenched hand guided her father’s cock to her daughter’s cunt. As his cock head meshed against my cunt petals, my lower mouth had a taste of honey. All others, one by one, touched grandpa’s cock at my cunt, as a ritual, indicating they too a party to the rite. Then they all chanted in Sanskrit a mantra, again and again,

Om, gurushroni payodhara kuladevi maatharam

Samarpayaama: vayam the navayoni maitthunam

(Om, big hipped big breasted family deity the mother,

We dedicate you the first fuck of a virgin cunt.)

As they chant, grandpa gave a push with his cock and it pierced through my honey filled cunt. I didn’t feel much pain, may be because Bhavana had widened my hole during our lesbian love; or may be of the honey, the chant, and the crowd; or of the mercy of the goddess herself.

But grandpa was a big man and I was a puny girl. Besides, his cock was the biggest of all the cocks assembled there. Think of my condition! He pinned me down with his cock, as a hunter pins down a fish with a spear. And I was gasping for air as the dying fish. But no one cared for me and all were deliberate only on chanting the mantra.

I wanted to kick out of his subjugation, but my cunt worked the other way. It clung to the monstrous cock, as if willing to be punished. And as if he grasped its mood, my grandpa started his strokes, running his piston deep and out, rubbing off the wrinkles of my sheath. In a short time my ego surrendered to my carnal cunt and I started enjoying the fuck. My breasts were fittingly small in his big hands and Grandpa squeezed them and sucked them mouthful. I ran my palms on his wide shoulders and my feet on the small of his waist. In my cupped up cunt mouth his cock roughed up. Clinging to him I groaned and shuddered at his attack. And my sheath slobbered around his cock. Following it, his cock rushed in a warm liquid and filled me down.

“Ah, Ambe Swargadwaarike!” grandpa bellowed like a bull. It was his first utterance after his contact with the goddess.

All of us wondered at his expression. He smiled at us; and explained that it was an inexpressible nothing he went through the goddess. And he said it lasted until he discharged his semen into my pit. When he discharged his semen, he said, he felt shocked like a child of its first breath on birth.

He kissed me and got off. I looked down at my hole. There was blood, I noticed, but I didn’t mind.

Then the next ritual took place. Starting with my mom, one by one, all knelt in between my legs and tasted, from the cup of my cunt, the honey-blood-semen syrup with the tip of their tongues. And my mom took me on to her lap; kissed all over my face, and wanted to know whether I had any pain. I said no.

And I was laid again on my back and my real father i.e. Uncle Dev entered me. Mom and aunt were on either side of my wings, kneeling, and sucking each one of my breasts. And Bhavana was kneeling on my head end, kissing my mouth. Coming behind the ladies, in doggy style, my brother Anand entered aunt Saroj and Rahul entered my mom and grandpa entered Bhavana. It looked as if the saying of the old proverb, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ had come true.

Needless to say our orgy went on and on.

In the third round, my brother accounted for my crush on him. I had his big beautiful cock beating mad my pussy than any other pricks. We fucked in the crowd but like secret lovers. “Am I as good as mom?” I murmured in his ears. “But your cunt grips so tight around my cock,” he murmured back. “Is that a complaint?” I asked. “It’s a compliment,” he answered.

We stayed there seven days. Lot of things happened on those seven days. All cunts were behind grandpa most of the time for the divine bliss his rejuvenated cock blessed in them. And my mom was found pregnant. All congratulated my brother Anand. Mom in shyness hid her face behind Anand’s back. Anand beamed proudly. On the same day I pulled Anand away and demanded him a child in me. Induced by my question he fucked me then and there. Others thought, it was part of our routines, because on another side, Bhavana was sliding her cunt on grandpa’s pole.

I wanted my brother to fuck me as he fucked mom on that rainy night in our kitchen. He made me bend forward against a low branch of a fruit-bearing tree and split my cunt with his thick cock from behind. It gave me an immense pleasure. Reenacting the mom’s kitchen scene gave me a secret satisfaction.

Our grandfather made us known that with his newly acquired body, he cannot enter the world of mortals. That made us sad. But he declared that, with his ever presence as an immortal in Himalayas, our family members could come at anytime to Swargadwaar even without a virgin to lead. That made us happy.

Taking charge as priest, our grandfather conducted our marriages. I was married to Rahul; and Bhavana to Anand.

And on the eighth day morning, we left Swargadwaar and our grand father to the southern city of Chennai.

As instructed by our grand father, we rebuilt the temple of Nagnadevika in the north. And also we built a temple in the south to Nagnabhavana. So was the naked statue my mom and brother found at our field named by our grandfather, in his prophetical utterance.

Our grandfather, as an immortal, resides in Himalayas. And some who spotted him says that there lives a baba in Himalayas more than 2000 years.

Twice in a year we go to Swargadwaar and enjoy with the company of our grandfather. And the temples of Nagnabhavana and Nagnadevika are there always to induce us to stick to our family love games.


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