Maid and her daughter.

Posted: June 29, 2011 in English, Stories
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Hi iss fans n readers. This is Uday from Vizag was doing my 3rd year when the incident took place. My parents got transferred to other place so they have to move leaving me in our own house along with Rajamma, our maid who used to work in house since a long time. Rajamma is a old lady of 58 years of age. She had a daughter named Latha who is a divorcee with a son; he just finished his intermediate and entered into graduation. Latha used to work in small school with a little salary. Latha’s salary is sufficient for her son’s college fees itself and she cannot afford for other expenses like books and exam fees etc. Latha used to live with Rajamma. Rajamma often comes to me and asks for a little amount of money which she will return me later. Rajamma one day came to me and asked me for a big amount for her grandson’s exam fees. I asked Rajamma that it is a big amount for her and how can she pay me back. She had no answer and left the place. Next day Latha came to me and asked the same thing, I said that her salary is sufficient only for her son’s college fees then how she and her mother will return me the money. Latha said that she will do service for me in return to this favor. I said Rajamma is there to serve me in house and what is need of u. Latha said my mother cannot serve u in all aspects at an age of 58. I dint understand her intension and said she is serving me well and in what aspect u r saying that she serve me well.

She replied sex, saying this she removed her saree pallu from her shoulder and revealed those beautiful melons. I was shocked seeing this. I asked her that what happens if her mother comes to know this. Lath replied that nothing is going to happen don’t waste the opportunity. But I was afraid if Rajamma comes to know this she would complain to my parents and them r going to kill me. I said this to Latha and she said this is her mothers plan. I was shocked listening this. Rajamma came into the room from back of the door. She was hiding there and listening to our words. She smiled at me and said come on Uday I won’t tell to any one and carry on I will join u both after completing my house work. Now Latha came near me and pressed my head hard to her breast. It smelled great with a mixed aroma of sweat and female essence. Now I was irresistible and took her to the bed room and made her to lie on the bed. I removed her saree and playing with her huge balls leaving blouse on like a kid. While I was playing her blouse tore a little she said don’t tear it Uday I have only few blouse with me. I said don’t worry take my mothers blouse and tore the blouse completely. I removed her bra and saw the size label on it, it was 36c. Latha unzipped my pants and removed. I climbed on Latha’s stomach and was licking her balls like ice-cream played with those hills for about 10 minutes. Latha said come on Uday go further, and taste my nectar.

I understood and removed her langa now she was with her black panty. I made her to raise her hip and removed her panty also. What a dark forest it was hard to find a hole in that bush. I dint like that site and went to bath robe and came back with my shaving kit I applied shaving foam and shaved cleanly. She was laughing with tickling sensation. Now that was a great site without a hair. She had a great pussy lips. I kissed them and licking with ecstasy. While licking I felt some thing is stroking my cock, that was Rajamma giving nice strokes. I said Rajamma to make it a lolly pop. She kept her tongue on my dick and a current passed in my body. She sucked it real hard and I was busy with Latha’s pussy. Rajamma left my dick for a while and undid her clothes’ she was awesome even at the age of 58 she asked me Uday why cant u make me also clean Latha.. I dint understand and she said shave my hair. I readily accepted her request and shaved her pussy.

While shaving Latha was licking my dick like a dog. I completed and Latha made me lie on the bed. She climbed over me and directed my hard and completely wet cock into her pussy. She was fucking my cock only to half I made a stroke and made it to go in completely. She screamed with pain and said slowly Uday I’m getting fucked after 7 years. While I was fucking Rajamma is licking balls. Now I made Latha into doggy style and tried to enter her shit hole but it was very tight but I tried very hardly blood come out and I removed my dick. Rajamma said why cant u tries in my hole because my husband likes to fuck my back hole only. I tried on Rajamma wow it went with ease. I fucked her anal hole for ten minutes and came back to Latha’s pussy and fucked real hard and cummed inside her pussy itself. Rajamma liked Latha’s pussy and licked the cum coming out of her pussy. I made an another session and I was all out. I gave the money to Latha. From that day when ever I felt to fuck I used to call to my home. In case she is not there I used to fuck Rajamma. Hope u all readers enjoyed my real story.


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